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Al Arsh Holiday Destinations

Al Arsh Holiday Destinations is a one-stop destination for all your itchy feet needs. For all the travel bugs, we have a consolidated team that dedicates itself to the planning, executing, and success of your dream destination traveling plans.

600+ International Destination

For the last decade, Al Arsh Holiday Destinations have organized more than 10,000 international itineraries.

Handcrafted experiences

Each and every itinerary is customized according to the taste of the customers.

96% happy travelers

Al Arsh Holiday Destination holds a record of 96% customer satisfaction and all customers are retained with us.


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We are very dedicated to the services that our clients require. Right from picking you up from the doorstep to dropping you back after your trip has ended, we do it all! You name the destination and we plan it for you. You reveal your dream traveling ideas and watch them unfold in your reality through our hands.

our commitment

What we Do

We provide services for pilgrimages. Pilgrimage journeys to Mecca, Medina, Yatra destinations are also looked after us. We will provide you with a complete and wholesome experience. Your pilgrimage will go smoothly and timely as per your requirements through the hands of Al Arsh Holiday Destinations.

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Top Religious Destinations

Saudi Arabia

Umrah Package





South India

Tirupati Devasthanam


Armarnath Yatra


Shri Kedarnath Dham


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Top International Destinations

East Asia

Republic of china


Bali Indonesia

Southeast Asia


South East EUROPE


Around the world


United Arab Emirates


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Al Arsh Holiday Destinations Pvt. Ltd.

Al Arsh Holiday Destinations is a one-stop destination for all your itchy feet needs.